Train control room

DM sets up a technical control room

The need

In order to protect the security of the train travelers and its workers, and in order to create a more accurate and professional of train functionalities, Israel Railways resolved to set up a technical train control room, to be the first of its kink in Israel. The control room was intended for the administration building located in Lod, to connect the various railway stations scattered throughout the country to a single, central location.

The solution

We designed and characterized the unique project and got to work on it. 16 centers were moved, and we created their switch systems using IHSE. We installed quality and comfortable furniture obtained from the RDI Company. We installed smart display walls, high-quality and advanced audio systems and smart control and monitoring systems obtained from the Kerreston Company.

We connected the service centers to 4 communication rooms, each with a matrix linked to the other matrices, allowing a viewer to display and get access to a broad scope of information related to each of the service centers. In addition, we equipped each service center with a high-quality touch screen at the shifts manager’s station, which enables management of the displays and the room under the rights provided by the service center.

We proudly claim that we were the pioneers to establish this innovative center, which one of its kind in Israel.

PIS Passenger Information Service

The need

Up to the year 2010, the solutions offered by technology companies to display schedules and station advertising systems were manual and semi-automated solutions. These solutions required a great deal of human involvement and operations resulting in malfunctions and failures.

In order to improve the visibility of train schedules and PA systems at stations and to reduce manpower and minimize malfunctions, there was a need to put up automated computer systems and applications that would provide quality performance.

The solution

In year 2010, we set up an advanced and automated computer system at 3 Israel Railway locations across the country. To this end, we installed over 1,000 LED screens and TV screens at 70 train stations. The sites back up one other and include testing capacities.

This fully automated computing system is linked to the train’s operational information systems and includes automated announcements made at each station based on the existing train traffic in the area. This system saves a great deal of workforce and creates accurate schedule displays and more precise PA systems.

ICL, Bromine compounds

DM creates a central control room

 The need

The Bromine Compounds Company of the ICL Group produces bromine products. The company produces about a third of all the methyl bromide produced worldwide. As such, the plant requires advanced and meticulous control rooms to monitor the work processes efficiently, the optimal use of the workforce and a higher level of system survivability and redundancy.

In order to create a control room that meets these requirements, we defined clear needs:  to merge all of the existing control rooms into a central control room and to move all of the production computers into a central control room that would monitor all plant processes and allow every operator to connect to every computer. In addition, there was a need for ergonomic furniture tailored for strenuous work around the clock and for providing support for the complex production systems.

The solution

For every need we defined, we provided a high quality and advanced solution. We installed a KVM matrix with optical exclusion by the IHSE company for connecting the remote computers to the control room work stations. We created a smart solution with full redundancy using the Mission Critical configuration so that even in the event of a power outage in the room where the matrix is installed, the stations in the control room would automatically switch to a backup configuration. We delivered corporate and ergonomic furniture of the RDI company, thus, providing maximum comfort in a strenuous work environment.

As part of the project, all four plants were connected to the central control room, which manages and controls all plant processes with reduced manpower, saving many resources and enabling a more efficient and a better workflow.


DM creates meeting rooms and work spaces

 The need

The SAP company Is a leading software company that provides a variety of technological services adaptable to many interfaces. As such, the company holds staff meetings, management, and business meetings that require spaces suitable for optimal time utilization. We could achieve this through smart and simple control of the conference rooms and shared workspaces.

The solution

In order to utilize the company’s office space in the best and most efficient way, we created innovative and modern conference rooms that incorporate smart technology and allow management of various types of meeting types quickly and intuitively. We also set up innovative and advanced AV solutions for the conference rooms and the shared workspaces. We created social gathering areas where contents may be displayed and we installed a professional and advanced audio and projection system that enhances the experience of all those present in the facility.

Israel’s Airport Authority

DM creates a smart and efficient workspace

 The need

The Airports Authority, responsible for constructing and developing airports in Israel, is responsible for the infrastructure, low voltage and utmost supervision of Israel’s airspace.

Executing this responsibility requires efficient and advanced management, with the help of control rooms that monitor, operate and manage systems, that manage meetings and their continuity properly using advanced multimedia systems and pre-planning. This requires installation of equipped stations with high quality and comfortable furniture suitable for strenuous 24/7 workloads.

The solution

In order to provide a high quality, accurate and safe solution to the needs of the Authority, we designed, characterized and built smart control rooms that allow supervision of remote computers using smart KVM matrices. We placed all computers in a remote equipment cabinet to prevent them from interfering with the ongoing work of the management operators, and we have also created a solution to the information security problem by locking access to computers, thus and preventing undesirable access that may threaten the computing equipment and information.

In addition to the above, we installed smart multimedia systems powered by touch monitors in the military operations rooms and conference rooms that allow full room operation and proper and continuous meeting management quickly and conveniently. In addition to this, we have installed throughout the Airport high-quality workstations that create a comfortable working environment that employees can enjoy all day long.

Bank of Israel

The need

The Bank of Israel’s conference rooms are where dramatic decisions, collaborations and determinations of strategies for the future of Israel’s economy are made. So, when the Bank of Israel asked us to renew their conference rooms and make them more advanced, innovative and convenient, we carefully examined and planned the bank’s needs and set clear goals: to create shared workspaces, to save the time necessary for managing conferences and to provide furniture for the control room suitable for around the clock operations.

The solution

For every need we defined, we found the most advanced, technological solution. These solutions satisfied the needs accurately. We integrated innovative solutions for the conference rooms. We installed a multimedia system that includes touch screens by which the conference rooms can be controlled. We set up professional screens suitable for strenuous and prolonged work and provided quality furniture suitable for the control rooms.

These improvements resulted in conference rooms that are smarter, more efficient and simpler to control.

The Planning Administration

The need

The planning administration faced the challenge of moving to a new central building in Jerusalem. With extensive and significant activities under his responsibility including the need to shape national planning policies and to manage 5 branches nationwide, he engaged in careful planning of the building, in a way that would meet diverse needs.  We were called on to design and build the multimedia systems throughout the new building while incorporating a voting system and digital signage throughout the entire building. In addition, we were required to address the issue of providing advanced multimedia systems for the conference rooms and to create a technological option for holding video calls between various districts.

The solution

After accurately defining the customer’s needs, we designed and set up smart and advanced multimedia systems that were dispersed throughout the new building, the executive offices, the conference rooms, the auditoriums, the committee rooms and the plenary room. We also integrated high-quality digital voting and signage systems, monitoring capabilities, amplification and display of information on screens and projectors.

We equipped the conference rooms with advanced multimedia systems that enable proper and continuous meetings management via touch screens.

We affixed schedule display screens in the client’s central conference rooms and in the committee and plenary rooms connected to the executive office for better management, information display and meetings scheduling.

We also installed a unique voting system in the plenary room, which includes voting stations accessible to the meeting participants, whom the system recognizes by their personal identification cards. The system produces reports and graphs relating to voting results.

Israel’s Knesset

DM upgrades Knesset meeting rooms

 The need

For this project, we were asked to modernize and upgrade and build new meeting rooms and rooms for Knesset committees by installing technological devices that would make them easier to operate. Before we executed the project, the Knesset conference rooms worked on a matrix and cameras using analog communication and low-resolution products that provided a cumbersome and outdated user experience.

We upgraded 15 rooms with state-of-the-art technology solutions that significantly changed the user experience and room efficiency, for the benefit of all participants.

The solution

We produced the project design and technological solutions in collaboration with the Israeli Kramer Company. Because this is a national project, we chose a leading and advanced Israeli company. Together, we harnessed and tailored the most advanced technological solutions to the project, while providing full solutions to all scenarios that the Knesset may face and fully addressing all the unique requirements arising from the nature of the place. We were given a tight schedule, forcing us to have all the reconstructed conference rooms ready within a single week.

Apart from replacing the matrices and the touch screens we installed 60 cameras and 15 advanced modular matrices, dozens of ceiling speakers and a top-notch, innovative projector.

Thanks to the new technologies we installed in the Knesset, high-quality broadcasts can now be held from the conference rooms, and these are transmitted directly to the Knesset and streamed live and made available to thousands of Israelis.

The Ministry of Education

The customer’s challenges

The client aspired to have an innovation center set up at the Ministry of Education facility, where also training courses teaching personnel about modernization would be delivered.

 The need

DM needed to establish a multimedia room furnished with devices reflecting the forefront of modern technology by which messages and lectures on network learning and innovation may be delivered. In addition, we were asked to design and build an idea room – a room that would be suitable for small group meetings, designated for developing ideas for outside-the-box thinking.

 The solution

We planned the design and construction of an innovative room equipped with touch screens for control and room scheduling, video conferencing on a mobile station, digital signage operated by a player, a 65″- laser touch screen projector. The entire room was set up following an advanced and functional design and a multimedia-based plan that facilitates the rearrangement in different setups. We constructed an “idea room” equipped with monitoring control screens and a control screen for room scheduling, integrated with a 65″ interactive touch screen.

The project included many multimedia systems that are currently being used as a solution for the Ministry of Education facilities nationwide.

Metro Motors

DM constructs an innovative showroom

The need

The Metro Motor Company markets Yamaha bikes and scooters. The company set its goal to be a leader in professionalism and innovation. In order to convey this status to its customers, the company asked us to set up an innovative and advanced showroom that would transform the customer service experience, leaving customers with a sense of being exposed to innovation and advancement in this field as in others…

The solution

To create an innovative, advanced and alluring showroom, we procured a variety of modern technological solutions. After careful and creative planning – we started building the showroom. We erected a large number of LED walls, some facing the outer wall towards the crowded street and others facing the indoor showroom of the shop. We put up a VR connection system to illustrate to the customer the product he/she is about to purchase in the most accurate way. This simulator is innovative and revolutionary and we are proud to be the pioneers in the field of simulators for showrooms in Israel.

In addition, we have installed advanced sound systems that add yet another dimension to the unique shopping experience that the Metro Motor Company gives its customers.