Success Stories

  • Data Center- Angola
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    Data Center- Angola

    Establishing a Data Center for a large country in West Africa. Data centers for storing critical applications and data are inseparable from any organization

  • Train control room
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    Train control room

    In order to maintain the safety of train passengers and employees, and to have the train system operate more accurately and professionally, the Israel Railways decided to launch the first train control room of its kind in Israel...

  • PIS Passenger Information Service
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    PIS Passenger Information Service

    In order to improve the visibility of train schedules and PA systems at stations and to reduce workforce and minimize malfunctions, there was a need to put up automated computer systems and applications that provide quality performance...

  • ICL, Bromine compounds
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    ICL, Bromine compounds

    The Bromine Compounds Company of the ICL Group produces bromine products. The company produces about a third of all the methyl bromide produced worldwide...

  • SAP
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    The SAP company Is a leading software company that provides a variety of technological services adaptable to many interfaces. As such, the company holds staff meetings, management and business meetings...

  • Israel’s Airport Authority
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    Israel’s Airport Authority

    The Airports Authority is assigned to construct and develop airports in Israel. The Airport Authority is responsible for the infrastructure, the low voltage and to ensure the most efficient supervision over Israel's airspace...

  • Bank of Israel
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    Bank of Israel

    The Bank of Israel's conference rooms are where dramatic decisions, collaborations and determinations concerning future strategies to benefit Israel's economy are made. Therefore, when the Bank of Israel approached us...

  • The Planning Administration
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    The Planning Administration

    After accurately defining the customer needs, we designed and set up smart and advanced multimedia systems that were distributed throughout the new building, the executive offices and the conference rooms...

  • Israel’s Knesset
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    Israel’s Knesset

    In this project, we were asked to upgrade and set up conference rooms and Knesset committee rooms, while making them more technologically advanced and convenient to operate...