Success Stories

The Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education views this project as a manifestation of the vision of developing multimedia infrastructure and innovation in the education system. The project, executed in collaboration with DM exceeded planned expectations. The room operates regularly, to the satisfaction of its users, who use it daily.

The director of communications and multimedia infrastructure of the Ministry of Education – Mr. Erez Ronen

מנהל רשתות תקשורת ותשתיות מולטימדיה משרד החינוך – מר ארז רונן.

The customer’s challenges

The client aspired to have an innovation center set up at the Ministry of Education facility, where also training courses teaching personnel about modernization would be delivered.

 The need

DM needed to establish a multimedia room furnished with devices reflecting the forefront of modern technology by which messages and lectures on network learning and innovation may be delivered. In addition, we were asked to design and build an idea room – a room that would be suitable for small group meetings, designated for developing ideas for outside-the-box thinking.

 The solution

We planned the design and construction of an innovative room equipped with touch screens for control and room scheduling, video conferencing on a mobile station, digital signage operated by a player, a 65″- laser touch screen projector. The entire room was set up following an advanced and functional design and a multimedia-based plan that facilitates the rearrangement in different setups. We constructed an “idea room” equipped with monitoring control screens and a control screen for room scheduling, integrated with a 65″ interactive touch screen.

The project included many multimedia systems that are currently being used as a solution for the Ministry of Education facilities nationwide.