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Leader of the Audio Visual Integration Market in Israel

DM Engineering is the largest and leading audio-visual integration firm in Israel. Since its founding in 2001 DM provides pro AV solutions to the commercial market. Our experties and experience combined with our connections with vendors, manufacturers and service providers and our global understanding of the audio visual market, enable us to provide our clients, with the most advanced and up-to-date solutions available.

Our main goal is to be a trusted partner for our clients by providing them with best in class solutions and services that assure they can focus on their day to day bussiness activities.

Our top-tier team is here for you. If your organization is interseted in enjoying the most advanced technologies, precise solutions and best in class services – You have reached the right place.


How Do We Work?

D.M Engineering is providing a turn key solutions to its customers, from early planning stages, followed by hardware and software purchasing, installation, training, and ending with providing consistent and ongoing maintenance and support services throughout the years.

The members of our team are highly experienced, dedicated and skilled. We all have one goal – your success as our customers. Our team contains the largest number of expert compared to other integration companies in Israel, and it includes technicians, engineers, project managers, programmers and infrastructure teams. Our call center provides 24-hours a day, 7 days a week support.

D.M Engineering is the exclusive regional bussiness unit of GPA (Global Presence Alliance)  in Israel, an organization that provides pro AV solutions to customers all over the world in over 120 countries. As a member of GPA we are obliged to meet high global standards, and to hold technical certifications, our global team consists of over 4,000 experts around the world.

If you are part of a global copamny  with office abroad, and you’re required to upgrade your audio visual  systems, all you need to do is to reach out to us;! We will serve as your single point of conatct to manage the project, supply the equipment, install and train your local users. We will take care of everything the project requires by using our local teams all over the world, and by managing it directrly from Israel, taking full responsibility, and will provide you with transparncy and control over the project no matter where it is located around the world.

Our serivces and the advanced technologies we provide are already being used by many leading companies and industries all over the world.

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    Human Capital – Our Most Valued Resource

    Our team is made of skilled, experienced, committed and reliable people. We all have one goal: your success as our customer. Our team contains programmers, technical engineers that specialized in the field of communication systems, and professional Infrastructure teams.

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    Our Support Services Will Ensure You a Peace of Mind

    We ensure best in calss services and are commited to putting our cliets first. We do that using our top-tier teams , implementing cutting edge solutions, and industry best practices. All of this insures supprier delivery and customer success.

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    We Are Proud of Our Customers!

    We provide technological solutions to the leading companies and industries. That includes commercial companies and business spaces, Hi-tech companies and start-up’s defense industries, hospitals and health centers, transportation, hotels and more.

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