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A New Standard of Smart Multimedia Solutions

The DM skilled staff will harness innovative technology and accompany you with their unparalleled professionalism and their unwavering dedication. If your organization wishes to enjoy the most advanced technologies, precise solutions and excellent service – you have come to the right place.

Ever since its founding in 2001, the DM Company has been a leader in providing comprehensive solutions in the world of multimedia and low voltage. We fully customize solutions to customers’ needs, with the goal of providing the most updated equipment available.

A host of leading companies and industries, in Israel and overseas, benefit from our services and the advanced technologies we offer.


We Plan Our Solutions By:

·        the changing needs of our customers.

·        our pursuit of excellence in technology and servicing.

·        Our attempt to provide the most progressive solutions, fully tailored to your needs.

In our collaborative work process, we pay you a visit, learn your needs and characterize them. We then design and offer you a solution that includes the relevant technologies (hardware and software), the customized furniture you will need, and we, naturally, handle the installation, the follow-up and the maintenance.

Having many years of experience, our staff members, are skilled and committed. We all join forces in achieving a single goal – the success of our customers. Our human capital includes control systems programmers and DSP expert technical engineers of communications and professional installations as well as service teams.

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    Our Human Capital Makes the Difference

    With many years of experience behind them, our staff members are skilled and committed. We all join forces in the attempt to achieve a single goal – our customer's success. Our human capital includes control systems, DSP programmers and expert technical engineers these include communications and professional installation as well as service teams.

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    We provide support and service that enables flawless, continuous use

    To enable our customers to enjoy continuous and efficient use of the systems, we have created a unique service and support model that ensures their peace of mind by engaging experienced professionals who accompany the process from the product selection stage through the solution characterization and the installation. This process significantly reduces the number of defects and the need for support.

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    We proudly serve leading industries of the economy

    We provide advanced technological solutions to leading companies, institutions and industries in Israel and rest of the world. These include commercial companies and businesses, defense industries, hospitals, medical centers, transportation agencies, hotels, education halls and others.

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    The DM service - international customers

    DM also provides complex multimedia solutions to overseas customers. To provide our clients abroad with the best service and state-of-the-art technology solutions, we ensure that the project manager, the programmer and installers are all DM personnel. Our teams arrive at the customer location and assume responsibility for executing the job from start to finish, to the full satisfaction of the customer.

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