Success Stories

ICL, Bromine compounds

DM creates a central control room

 The need

The Bromine Compounds Company of the ICL Group produces bromine products. The company produces about a third of all the methyl bromide produced worldwide. As such, the plant requires advanced and meticulous control rooms to monitor the work processes efficiently, the optimal use of the workforce and a higher level of system survivability and redundancy.

In order to create a control room that meets these requirements, we defined clear needs:  to merge all of the existing control rooms into a central control room and to move all of the production computers into a central control room that would monitor all plant processes and allow every operator to connect to every computer. In addition, there was a need for ergonomic furniture tailored for strenuous work around the clock and for providing support for the complex production systems.

The solution

For every need we defined, we provided a high quality and advanced solution. We installed a KVM matrix with optical exclusion by the IHSE company for connecting the remote computers to the control room work stations. We created a smart solution with full redundancy using the Mission Critical configuration so that even in the event of a power outage in the room where the matrix is installed, the stations in the control room would automatically switch to a backup configuration. We delivered corporate and ergonomic furniture of the RDI company, thus, providing maximum comfort in a strenuous work environment.

As part of the project, all four plants were connected to the central control room, which manages and controls all plant processes with reduced manpower, saving many resources and enabling a more efficient and a better workflow.