DM enables public service industries in Israel to enjoy technological advancement that facilitates their operations. Our multifarious solutions, fully tailored to the needs of our clients, are utilized in a wide range of meeting and discussion rooms, control rooms and government offices.

Our clients include Israel Railways, the Knesset, the Ministry of Finance, the Planning Administration and other bodies.

DM is the exclusive state-owned franchise for providing multimedia integration services and, as such, we have high expertise in the field. We know and understand our customers’ needs as well as the limitations set by the public system. With all this in mind, we provide the most advanced service and professional solutions.

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Public bodies and institutions

Technologies typical to this industry

Advanced Control<br /> & Monitoring System
Advanced Control
& Monitoring System
Critical Systems<br /> KVM Matrices
Critical Systems
KVM Matrices
Contractual Conference <br /> Solutions + Collaboration
Contractual Conference
Solutions + Collaboration

  • Israel’s Airport Authority
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    Israel’s Airport Authority

    The Airports Authority is assigned to construct and develop airports in Israel. The Airport Authority is responsible for the infrastructure, the low voltage and to ensure the most efficient supervision over Israel's airspace...

    Project date: August 15, 2019
  • Bank of Israel
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    Bank of Israel

    The Bank of Israel's conference rooms are where dramatic decisions, collaborations and determinations concerning future strategies to benefit Israel's economy are made. Therefore, when the Bank of Israel approached us...

    Project date: August 15, 2019
  • The Planning Administration
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    The Planning Administration

    After accurately defining the customer needs, we designed and set up smart and advanced multimedia systems that were distributed throughout the new building, the executive offices and the conference rooms...

    Project date: August 15, 2019