Success Stories

The Planning Administration

The need

The planning administration faced the challenge of moving to a new central building in Jerusalem. With extensive and significant activities under his responsibility including the need to shape national planning policies and to manage 5 branches nationwide, he engaged in careful planning of the building, in a way that would meet diverse needs.  We were called on to design and build the multimedia systems throughout the new building while incorporating a voting system and digital signage throughout the entire building. In addition, we were required to address the issue of providing advanced multimedia systems for the conference rooms and to create a technological option for holding video calls between various districts.

The solution

After accurately defining the customer’s needs, we designed and set up smart and advanced multimedia systems that were dispersed throughout the new building, the executive offices, the conference rooms, the auditoriums, the committee rooms and the plenary room. We also integrated high-quality digital voting and signage systems, monitoring capabilities, amplification and display of information on screens and projectors.

We equipped the conference rooms with advanced multimedia systems that enable proper and continuous meetings management via touch screens.

We affixed schedule display screens in the client’s central conference rooms and in the committee and plenary rooms connected to the executive office for better management, information display and meetings scheduling.

We also installed a unique voting system in the plenary room, which includes voting stations accessible to the meeting participants, whom the system recognizes by their personal identification cards. The system produces reports and graphs relating to voting results.