Success Stories

Train control room

DM sets up a technical control room

The need

In order to protect the security of the train travelers and its workers, and in order to create a more accurate and professional of train functionalities, Israel Railways resolved to set up a technical train control room, to be the first of its kink in Israel. The control room was intended for the administration building located in Lod, to connect the various railway stations scattered throughout the country to a single, central location.

The solution

We designed and characterized the unique project and got to work on it. 16 centers were moved, and we created their switch systems using IHSE. We installed quality and comfortable furniture obtained from the RDI Company. We installed smart display walls, high-quality and advanced audio systems and smart control and monitoring systems obtained from the Kerreston Company.

We connected the service centers to 4 communication rooms, each with a matrix linked to the other matrices, allowing a viewer to display and get access to a broad scope of information related to each of the service centers. In addition, we equipped each service center with a high-quality touch screen at the shifts manager’s station, which enables management of the displays and the room under the rights provided by the service center.

We proudly claim that we were the pioneers to establish this innovative center, which one of its kind in Israel.