Top Manufacturers


The DM Engineering works closely with several leading international companies in their field to provide our customers with the most advanced and innovative technological solutions.

LG Corp

LG Manufactures screens for various uses such as digital signage, video walls, professional 24/7 operating screens for use in control rooms, and more.


Samsung Manufactures screens for various uses such as digital signage, video walls, and professional 24/7 operating screens for use in control rooms.


Scala provides one of the world's leading digital signage solutions.


Absen is the world's largest LED manufacturer. Absen LED displays illuminate billboards for outdoor advertising / business centers / malls / sports stadiums / indoor and outdoor stages / exhibitions / TV stations / traffic signs etc.


Vitec is a leading manufacturer of video compression and deployment systems with H.264 \ 5 protocol for digital signage and IPTV.


Unilumin is considered one of the world's leading Led Display Solutions provider. Unilumin's LED market share is ranked among the top three of its kind worldwide.


IHSE It is a leading developer and manufacturer of KVM appliances for critical systems. The company develops and manufactures switches for operating and switching between computers and workstations.


Crestron develops integrated solutions for monitoring and control systems, audio-video, climate monitoring, electricity and lighting and other functions that are controlled by touch screens, button panels, mobile phones, tablets and so on.'.


Extron focuses on professional audio video industry solutions including solutions for AV Switching and Control and Video on Internet Protocol (VOIP).


Kramer is one of the leading companies in the AV - industry. It handles design, development, and production of professional video and audio equipment.


The Israeli XVTEC Company develops compression and deployment video products with K4 resolution in protocol H.264 \ 5.


In its 15 years of existence, Silora has been engaged in designing and manufacturing KVM OVER IP systems and a variety of multimedia products for the ProAV market.

Peavey Electronics

The company maintains hundreds of unique patents for developments and numerous product awards. Throughout its years of operation Peavy has been considered one of the leading professional audio solution providers.

JBL Professional

JBS is the world leader in the design, production and marketing of professional speakers for musicians, installations, performances, cinema, recording/broadcasting and more.


SoundTube manufactures speakers for commercial uses. Its solutions include speakers hanging from high ceilings, built-in speakers, adjustable hanging speakers, etc.


Starting out with producing tapes, amplifiers and electronic accessories, Crown soon conquered the industry with the quality and reliability of its products and became one of the leading world manufacturers of amplifiers.


ClearOne Is a global company that designs, develops and sells teleconferencing technology systems, microphone system connections, cloud streaming solutions, audio solutions, and visual communication.


Shure is a leading manufacturer in the field of microphone systems for vocal music, speech and other uses such as VC. In addition, SURE also specializes in solutions in plenary voting systems.


Turbosound is the world's leading speaker manufacturer. Turbosound produces amplified speakers for various uses as well as speakers for stages and performances.


Nextel specializes in importing VC products produced by the POLY company and in distributing advanced wired and wireless communication systems in Israel.


Logitech manufactures end-user products for conference calls.


Cisco is a global manufacturer that specializes in switches and VC systems.


HighSecLabs is a world cyber leader in the fields of multimedia and telephony systems.


Fibernet develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of cyber, multimedia, communications and optic fiber solutions.