Success Stories

Israel’s Knesset

DM upgrades Knesset meeting rooms

 The need

For this project, we were asked to modernize and upgrade and build new meeting rooms and rooms for Knesset committees by installing technological devices that would make them easier to operate. Before we executed the project, the Knesset conference rooms worked on a matrix and cameras using analog communication and low-resolution products that provided a cumbersome and outdated user experience.

We upgraded 15 rooms with state-of-the-art technology solutions that significantly changed the user experience and room efficiency, for the benefit of all participants.

The solution

We produced the project design and technological solutions in collaboration with the Israeli Kramer Company. Because this is a national project, we chose a leading and advanced Israeli company. Together, we harnessed and tailored the most advanced technological solutions to the project, while providing full solutions to all scenarios that the Knesset may face and fully addressing all the unique requirements arising from the nature of the place. We were given a tight schedule, forcing us to have all the reconstructed conference rooms ready within a single week.

Apart from replacing the matrices and the touch screens we installed 60 cameras and 15 advanced modular matrices, dozens of ceiling speakers and a top-notch, innovative projector.

Thanks to the new technologies we installed in the Knesset, high-quality broadcasts can now be held from the conference rooms, and these are transmitted directly to the Knesset and streamed live and made available to thousands of Israelis.