Success Stories

PIS Passenger Information Service

The need

Up to the year 2010, the solutions offered by technology companies to display schedules and station advertising systems were manual and semi-automated solutions. These solutions required a great deal of human involvement and operations resulting in malfunctions and failures.

In order to improve the visibility of train schedules and PA systems at stations and to reduce manpower and minimize malfunctions, there was a need to put up automated computer systems and applications that would provide quality performance.

The solution

In year 2010, we set up an advanced and automated computer system at 3 Israel Railway locations across the country. To this end, we installed over 1,000 LED screens and TV screens at 70 train stations. The sites back up one other and include testing capacities.

This fully automated computing system is linked to the train’s operational information systems and includes automated announcements made at each station based on the existing train traffic in the area. This system saves a great deal of workforce and creates accurate schedule displays and more precise PA systems.