DM’s involvement in various industries

Over the years, we have gained significant experience in various fields of the market. We have studied your areas of operation and we can proudly claim we are capable of meeting your special needs.

The security industries benefit from the services we are capable of tailoring to information security needs, featuring accuracy and quick and safe information transmission in real-time.

Medical institutions benefit from our solutions that enable them to manage the highest level of medical care, as we adapt the equipment and technology to their needs, with the necessary sensitivity involved.

Visitor centers, hotels and museums receive a creative and accurate response from us, as we turn every design dream into a reality.

Business organizations, business complexes, retail companies, who engage us in their enterprises receive the best technological solutions that enable them to maintain extensive business relationships, improve sales results, their organizational efficiency and more.

Our diverse clients are at the heart of our business. We are here for you, ready to provide our expertise to adapt the technology appropriate to your needs to ensure your maximum satisfaction with our products and services.

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Control rooms and Military operations room

We at DM, provide a broad range of solutions to even the most sensitive organizations–while focusing both on the technological and human aspects of these projects.information.

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Visitor centers and Museums

We, at DM, are pleased to provide our customers with first-class technological solutions via the multiple possibilities we offer. We have what it takes to fulfill the wildest dreams of project architects, museum designers, visitor centers and exhibitions.

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Businesses and High-tech companies

Nowadays, many business complexes benefit from advanced technology tailored to their precise needs, enabling more efficient, pleasant and business-friendly operations. DM strives to be a key leader in providing advanced technological solutions - and you, the clients, are the ones to reap the benefits of these aspirations.

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Public bodies and institutions

DM enables public service industries in Israel to benefit from technological advancements that facilitate their operations. Our multifarious solutions, fully tailored to the needs of our clients, have been installed in a wide range of meeting and discussion rooms, in various control rooms and in government offices.

We provide advanced solutions that tailor fully to your needs

When you decide to order our services, we arrive at your location, study your needs and characterize them. Then, we design and offer a solution that includes the relevant technologies (hardware and software), the custom-made furniture and, of course, the installation, follow up and maintenance. Some solutions we offer are:

Audio – Video and Conference Room Systems // Complete Solutions to Situation and Control Rooms // Communication Solutions // Digital Signage // Automation Systems // Cloud Services // Cyber & Information Security Solutions // Smart Electrical Solutions // Custom Design and Construction of Unique Furniture and Accessories.