Since its establishment in 2001, DM has set its goal at becoming a leading provider of innovative and creative technology solutions in fields of multimedia and low-voltage. The solutions are fully tailored to the nature and the scope of our clients’ orders.

Thanks to the company’s unique personnel, our customers enjoy the highest level of service and ongoing support from the initial stage of characterizing the need up until the continuous maintenance. Our staff members are experts in their field and are committed to providing the best and most suitable product for every client.

Leading companies and industries in Israel and around the world benefit from our services and the advanced technologies we offer. We would be glad to serve you as well.

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  • Communication, audio, and multimedia

    We design, integrate, provide and install audio and video systems for conference rooms, digital signage, multimedia systems and more.

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  • Construction of situation rooms and control rooms

    From the stage of characterizing the need, through the design of the complete solution up to the meticulous finishing, we construct situation rooms and control rooms for the medical, security and other industries. We provide advanced technological solutions alongside furniture designed and constructed to meet your needs.

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  • Automation and smart electricity

    You get maximum control and efficiency at the click of a button! Smart automation and power solutions that enable organizations to be more efficient and such that can remotely control a variety of technologies including air conditioning, lighting, sound, security systems and more.

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  • Service and Partnership

    The DM company works closely with a number of leading international companies to provide our customers with the most advanced and innovative technological solutions in the field.

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  • The world's most advanced
    technological solutions
  • Rich experience along with continuous
    learning and keeping up with innovations
  • Professional characterization.
    Accurate and creative execution
  • Skilled and expert
  • Exclusive providers for public
    and medical institutions
  • 24-hour
    service and support
  • Rapid fault detection
    and immediate repair
  • Furniture designed with
    technological solutions


  • Israel’s Knesset
    Asset 2

    Israel’s Knesset

    In this project, we were asked to upgrade and set up conference rooms and Knesset committee rooms, while making them more technologically advanced and convenient to operate...

  • Metro Motors
    Asset 3

    Metro Motors

    The Metro Motor Company markets Yamaha bikes and mini-bikes. The company aspires to become a leader in terms of professionalism and innovation. In order to pass these values on to its customers, we were asked by the company to set up a state-of-the-art and advanced showroom ...

  • PIS Passenger Information Service
    Asset 5

    PIS Passenger Information Service

    In order to improve the visibility of train schedules and PA systems at stations and to reduce workforce and minimize malfunctions, there was a need to put up automated computer systems and applications that provide quality performance...

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