Success Stories

Metro Motors

DM constructs an innovative showroom

The need

The Metro Motor Company markets Yamaha bikes and scooters. The company set its goal to be a leader in professionalism and innovation. In order to convey this status to its customers, the company asked us to set up an innovative and advanced showroom that would transform the customer service experience, leaving customers with a sense of being exposed to innovation and advancement in this field as in others…

The solution

To create an innovative, advanced and alluring showroom, we procured a variety of modern technological solutions. After careful and creative planning – we started building the showroom. We erected a large number of LED walls, some facing the outer wall towards the crowded street and others facing the indoor showroom of the shop. We put up a VR connection system to illustrate to the customer the product he/she is about to purchase in the most accurate way. This simulator is innovative and revolutionary and we are proud to be the pioneers in the field of simulators for showrooms in Israel.

In addition, we have installed advanced sound systems that add yet another dimension to the unique shopping experience that the Metro Motor Company gives its customers.