Success Stories

The Knights’ halls

The need

The Knights’ Halls of Acre complex is located in the historic crusader buildings complex covering an area of 8,300 square meters. A unique visitor center, set up at the site, represents the 4,000-year-old story of the buildings in the complex. In order to create an enjoyable and interesting visit to the Halls, we were asked to add advanced multimedia and audio solutions that would impress visitors with high-quality illustrations and visual presentations.

The challenges we faced included execution of meticulous operations, while keeping archaeological findings in place, installing the products in humid conditions, requiring us to import and use weather-resistant equipment allowing for optimal presentation of the exhibits, while reducing the audio volume in order to comply with the audio limit level permitted on the site..

The solution

After fully designing the project details and getting all the necessary approvals, we installed advanced audio and video systems to enhance visitors’ appreciation of the site. We created accessibility solutions tailored to people with disabilities and special needs.

The audio systems provide high-quality and smooth sound and enable listening to vocal guidance and explanations provided on the site via durable headphones. All of the equipment installed in the Halls was carefully selected and feature high durability over time and is tailored to the weather conditions that typify the area and the structure.