Success Stories

Memorial hall

The need

The National Memorial Hall For Israel’s Fallen, inaugurated on Mount Herzl on Memorial Day of 2017, expresses the respect, appreciation and commitment that the country and its citizens show towards those who fell in Israel’s battles.

It was an honor for us to contribute to this important national project by providing the means of communication, computing, information security, application development, multimedia and the integration between these constituents. The purpose of the project was to affect visitors with a personal and collective sense of commemoration. To achieve this goal, we looked for creative solutions for integrating advanced multimedia systems within the site’s unique architectural design. We attempted to create an automated system that is constantly updated from an alternating database and to transmit the personal and collective memories through a technology that would leave visitors with a meaningful experience.

The solution

We used a variety of advanced technological solutions to create a powerful and touching memorial experience. We installed a smart technological system by which a visual candle lights up for each victim on the date he fell. We created an 18-meter display including 6 projectors and synchronization systems to achieve a uniform and perfect image quality. We constructed a white detection system by which any victim can be singled out of approximately 23,000 victims represented in the site. We added a DB synchronized system exhibiting daily, the names of the victims fallen on that day.

For a memorable and pleasant sound experience, we installed a background music system that accompanies the visitor throughout his visit to the Halls. In addition, we installed an infrastructure for audio-video presentations fit for use on ceremonies. This system is concealed when not in use, in a way that does not interfere with daily tours of the premises.

All the information security systems installed in the project were carefully chosen and meet the highest standards.