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August 25, 2019

Dead Sea Works

The need
Dead Sea Works is one of the world’s largest potash and bromine production companies. The company owned and operated 6 different control rooms and contacted us, asking if we could condense all the control rooms into a single control room – that would be innovative, safe and efficient and that would help improve the maintenance and production processes of the plants, while optimizing the workforce of the company and increasing the system’s survivability and redundancy.

To do this, we defined several needs with the client which included moving all of the production computers into a central control room to monitor all processes from a single location and to allow users to connect to every computer. There was also the need to provide and install ergonomic furniture adapted to strenuous work around the clock and to create a support system for the complex production systems.

The solution
After the planning process that included consideration of all the necessary elements, we went to work. We installed a switching and control system based on a communications infrastructure to connect the remote computers to the work stations in the control room. We created a smart solution for redundancy using the Mission Critical configuration so that even in the event of a power outage in the room where the matrix is installed, the stations in the control room would automatically switch to a backup configuration. By supplying and installing RAUELI ergonomic furniture in the new control room, we were able to provide maximum comfort for 24/7 operations. Along with all the rest, we also provided special Honeywell company keyboards.

As a result of the project, all six plants were connected to the central control room, which is now able to control all processes more efficiently with fewer employees.