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August 25, 2019


Automation and smart technology in the new PTK1 building

The Need

As Intel was facing the construction of a new building to contain various divisions and departments of the company, the initiators visualized the most advanced and smart Intel building in the country. A building that would feature full automation and provide comfort and an optimal user experience.

To this end, it was necessary to create a rich technical specification that included 150 conference rooms managed by the Intel UNITE system, a set of 6 LTR training rooms including a variety of operating options, a DIGITAL SIGNAGE technology for WAY FINDING –  getting to know the building, getting acquainted with the building’s resources and markings for conference rooms. This also included setting up a control room for the building’s security system.


The solution

To respond to Intel’s complex project specifications accurately and qualitatively, we used the most advanced and smart technologies available in the market today:

We took pains to ensure the conference rooms’ construction was based on the modern EXTRON, CISCO, NEC and CHIEF technologies and we integrated Intel’s UNITE – system in the project as well. The conference rooms are designed in a way that provides users with an unlimited range of options for viewing and sharing content, holding conversations, VC videos, and analog training and phone calls. These operate automatically by designated sensors and detectors.

For setting up LTR rooms, we designed and built 6 rooms with different operating methodologies, giving them the capacity to turn into a single large room or to remain in the format of 6 small rooms that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. The system works on the infrastructure networks along with the help of remote controllers. The audio is based on DANTE technology and every instructional room has an independent touch screen that controls all the room functions. Uniting two or more rooms turns the touch screens into MASTER and-SLAVE positions automatically.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – all floors contain 65″ by 86″ touch screens. These screens are connected directly to the UNITE system and to the IBEMS control system and facilitate Intel employees and guests’ acquaintance with the building, the services provided on each floor and provides them instructions and information about the building and its surroundings.

Signage for small conference rooms – We set up the CRESTON technology-based solution by which a LED screen near the entrance of each room switches colors based on the room’s condition and occupancy. This solution is directly linked to Intel’s IBEMS control system and n is entirely operated by Intel users.

We installed IHSE systems for the control room and video walls that enable monitoring and photography of the entire building and its surroundings, with user interfaces with the company’s security systems, including gateways and tag readers, SPEED GATES, parking lots, dining rooms and restaurants, communication rooms, classified floors and more.

The solutions we designed and implemented in this project are smart, quick and unprecedented for a project as advanced as this one.